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We need the @microacquire of Customer Acquisition. Now we have one.

On paper (with a calculator), the high Customer Acquisition Costs make sense. Pay 3 times the monthly value of the customer to acquire the customer, and then work like crazy to retain them for more than a year. Get that right, and you are printing money.

The problem, of course, arises when you don’t have that money to spend, and cannot carry a customer for 3 months with the hope that you will retain them past that point. Given that funding and acquisitons are valued based on grwoth rate, bootstrapped funders are kind of fucked.

So we see founders buildinginpublic, and celebrating their MRRs, and we all hold thumbs and urge them on. But there is no easy way for them to grow. How can a new startup compete with Hootsuite? (swiss guy)

So…I’m shaking things up. (And I need your help).

I am going to help SaaS companies of any size to reach their target market and put themselves in front of their target users for (almost) free.

How does this work?
1. SaaS company signs up, pays setup fee.
2. A professional B2B writer, with experience in positioning and explanation, writes an info page on the company, and adapts it to the one of 3 target markets.
3. We then collate all the SaaS companies that solve a similar problem into one Guide.
4. We make that guide available free of charge to anyone who needs it.

Let me give you a simplistic example:
Say you want to go big on Twitter. You google “tools to help me grow on Twitter”. I’ve done this, so I’m speaking from experience. Here’s what happens:
1. The 1st ad is for Taboola
2. The second ad is for a service that allows you to buy 100 followers for $9
3. Then we have 10 articles, as follows:

And does anyone ever go to page 2?

So here’s the problem….how are the bootstrapped Twitter companies going to find their new customers. Contnet marketing is hard. word of mouth?

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