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How we find the audience that reads our RelevantGuides

It’s difficult to project numbers and set goals for a product that has not yet launched. In fact, any goals set without real data are just arbitrary. I can make a solid case for why I think a RelevantGuide will get downloaded 10,000 times in a year, or 20,000 or 30,000. But the honest truth is, I just don’t know, even though my experience with publishing .pdfs leaves me very confident.

We are throwing a lot of darts

Since we are in our earliest launch phase (technically, as I write this we haven’t launched yet), the first 2-3 weeks are going to be spent testing the waters to see what actions bring us the most subscribers to our RelevantGuides.

As we collect data and experiences, I will craft a more detailed roadmap and projections to maximise downloads. As this process evolves and is refined, the pricing will start to increase too. That’s why I capped the initial $500 at the first 100 signups only.

It’s an easy referral and an easy download

The whole premise of ofrelevance.com’s existence is that it offers real value to the user. We actually help them find the best tools for their needs. We actually save time. We actually propose new solutions to old problems. And because we provide so much value (for free), I am expecting the viral and network effect to be big with this.

“Selling” is GREAT fun if you’re giving stuff away for free

Here’s a secret: I hate selling. It makes me cringe. But giving useful stuff away for free? I could do that the whole day. And I look forward to doing once we launch. Because sliding into someone’s feed with a “Here is a free guide that will definitely help you solve that analytics problem you are asking about” is just a pleasure on my part. And the core of our initial distribution.

The goal is to identify people with specific problems that can be fixed with one of the tools in our RelevantGuide. Then, we connect that person with the RelevantGuide, and hope it works out. We might follow up in a day or so on Twitter or LinkedIn, to see if they came right. If yes, then we’ll ask for a possible shout-out.

My hope is that although this isn’t strictly scaleable, it actually is. Not only can my team do this literally hundreds of times per day, but eventually, if enough people catch onto the value that the RelevantGuides provide for free, the recommendations will take off on their own.

The secret to this is that we are not selling anything. We are just helping. And, even better, we are not just helping the users, but we are also helping the young startups. And who doesn’t love the underdog?

We have other tricks

  • Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora….these places are full of people asking for recommendations for web tools.
  • YouTube: I’m itching to do this! Still figuring out the exact format and content style for the channel, but you better believe we are going to be talking about your solution, one way or another.
  • Partnerships: So many opportunities here. I’m eager to work with creators and thought leaders who have an established audience, and who can benefit from ofrelevance.com in some way.
  • Incentives: @Levelsio offered a $10k prize on Twitter: 1 RT was 1 entry. He got a massive response. I don’t think I can throw $10k at this, but I like the idea of doing at least one thing that throws a very wide net, just to test the waters.
  • Networking: My own (I have quite a list!), but also the network effect of the RelevantGuides themselves. Once someone downloads one, and finds it useful, they will download others. People never run out of problems to solve. And of course, those people will hopefully also recommend us to others.
  • SEO: We are working on this from day zero, but this is a loooooong game, so we are not pinning our hopes on it.

Lots os possibilities

That kind of scratches the surface. I will have a detailed plan once more data and feedback rolls in. If you have ideas or comments, please get in touch at hello@ofrelevance.com or @of_relevance or @eved

What to do next…

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