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Finally…if you build it, they will come

At ofrelevance.com we believe SaaS companies should acquire users based on their the ability to fix a pain point, and not by how much money the SaaS threw at marketing.

Which is why, with ofrelevance.com, every SaaS pays just one flat, annual fee to be put in front of unlimited users who have the pain point the SaaS is solving.

Once the SaaS is in our ecosystem, it’s a level playing field, no matter how much VC funding a SaaS has. You can’t buy your way to a better position, or to more leads.

If you fix the pain point best, you win the user.
And the winner is not decided by an algorithm.
It’s decided by the user.

Here is how it works:

When you join ofrelevance.com, you will work with one of our professional B2B writers who will summarise your SaaS’s benefit into an easy-to-understand info sheet. It will look something like this:
You can download it here: Ofrelevance_template_1

You get up to three info sheets, one for each broad market segment (creator, small or medium team, agency or enterprise), for that one flat fee.

We then collate your info sheets into multiple guide books that address a specific pain point. You will appear in as many Guide Books as is relevant (hence our name…of relevance!), at no extra cost.

Potential users download the guidebooks that address their specific pain point. They are motivated to do so because the guide books are neutral, non-spammy, written in a clear, concise and consistent manner, and offer them actual actionable solutions to clearly defined problem. And they’re FREE.

Users then read the info pages relevant to them, do further research on their own, and make an informed decision about which SaaS companies they will work with.

It’s the most efficient way to get all the relevant SaaS solutions in front of a relevant target market, quickly and cheaply.

How do we find the target user?

The same way we found you.
We have something amazing to offer the reader, and
– We are not selling anything
– We are saving them time
– There is a network effect (each GuideBook advertisers the others)

We are going to harness the power of Twitter, LinkedIn, virality, Word of Mouth, Network effect and more.
We aim for at least 10,000 unique downloads per book per year.

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