Eve Dmochowska of relevance


The world is chaotic. There is a lot going on. If you get caught up in the wrong hype, the wrong news cycle or even the wrong information bubble, you could easily focus on the wrong thing altogether. It’s difficult to separate the relevant information from the hype, and almost impossible to make well informed adjustments to your individual circumstance.

That’s where I come in. My job is to stay well informed on macro issues (eg. the evolution of artificial intelligence) and help you apply that knowledge to your specific micro circumstance (eg. how to decide whether you should even be thinking about AI in your business at all).

I’m here to give you clarity, so you can make informed decisions.

There are fields in which I am an expert. Mostly they revolve around digital business strategy (AI, SaaS business models, digital transformation, funding). There are other fields in which I am just an avid student, learning and distilling as I go along. These include mindset, health, education, personal development, writing, healthcare. I feel all these should be pursued with equal passion: it is no good to

We don’t live in isolation, and we need to make decisions and apply strategies that affect our career, our businesses, our families, our communities and us. These decisions need to work together to achieve desired results. That means that it is as important to work on maintaining good health as it is to introduce digital transformation to your old-school business. It doesn’t help to have a happy work team if your home life is chaotic and stressful.

About Me

My name is Eve Dmochowska. I live in South Africa, soon moving to Switzerland. I’ve been a part of the digital scene since 1996, when I helped my Economics professor set up the first ever syllabus website at Boston University. I’ve been hooked ever since. Along the way I have been busy: I am a founder, investor, speaker, writer, mentor and creator. I am still in disbelief that I get to live through both the first days of the Internet, and the first days of AI. I expect to continue to enjoy the ride.