Small bites of the stuff you
really should know

You have access to world-class, life-enhancing books, podcasts, newsletters and videos. But you don’t have the time to go through them all.

*Of relevance helps you out. Inside, you’ll find bite-sized but relevant information synthesized from hundreds of top sources. It’s a manageable and realistic roadmap to living a healthy, happy and meaningful life – day by day. 

Start reading 1 January, 2025. 

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Collated wisdom from giants such as:

Adam Grant, Esther Perel, Robert Greene, Sam Harris, Tara Swart, Eckhart Tolle, Andrew Huberman, Mel Robbins, Lex Friedman, Steve Bartlett, Tim Ferris, Cal Newport, Matthew Dicks, Peter Attia, Oliver Burkman, Morgan Housel, Mary Murphy, Kevin Kelly, Paul Graham, Martha Beck, James Hollis, Arthur Brooks, Casey Means, Paul Conti, David Yeager,  Chris Voss and 250+ more.

Esther Perel
Robert Greene
Sam Harris
Tara Swart
Eckhart Tolle
Paul Graham
Marc Andreessen
Slow Productivity
Four Thousand Weeks
Psychology of Money
Cultures of Growth
Molecule of More
Courage to be disliked
Huberman Lab Podcast
Mel Robbins Podcast
Lex Friedman Podcast
Diary of a CEO
TED Talks
Tim Ferris Podcast
Shane Parrish

...and 250+ more

Now, your betterment
has a day-by-day roadmap

Improving your life requires more than just reading pop psychology. You need to consider mindset, physical and mental health, romantic relationships, work and productivity as well as social and familial interactions.

The day-by-day approach helps with the overwhelm. The diversity of topics, actionable advice and links to “rabbit holes” help you determine what concepts to skim, what to think about deeper, and what to research in-depth.

Start reading 1 January, 2025.

Zoom out, but also hone in

Experts talk their talk, and more often than not they are very good at it. But if you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. For us readers and listeners it’s difficult to connect varied disciplines on our own. We can miss the full picture.

Which is why most of the 366 concepts discussed in *of relevance pull information from at least three diverse sources or disciplines to give you a unique and holistic perspective of the topic.

No soundbites, no aphorisms. Just new perspectives.

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Bonus resources:

When you need more information on a concept that has particular relevance to you, you’ll have access to bonus resources to jumpstart your own in-depth research:


Every book page has a corresponding online page with links to further reading, and the opportunity for community discussion.



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Social Media

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Eve Dmochowska

About Eve D.

I have spent the last thirty years or so playing around with the Internet, under the fancy titles of “Digital Strategist“, “Founder” and “Thought Leader“.

But those are just the day jobs.

When the lights are dimmed and the kids are asleep, I retire with my various devices and old-style books to read and to listen. I have so, so many questions, always, and lots of curiosity itches that need to be scratched.

Of relevance is a passion project that I wrote for myself. I noticed that experts speak with brilliance, but usually only within their field. They rarely connect dots across disciplines. And I think – possibly – that it’s in discovering those connections where the secret to a meaningful life lies.

I see Of relevance as a stepping stone. I synthasize knowledge that I think is relevant, and offer you opportunity to go down rabbit holes to scratch your own itch. I hope you enjoy the book, and find some benefit from reading it. 

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