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We need the @microacquire of Customer Acquisition. Now we have one.

On paper (with a calculator), the high Customer Acquisition Costs make sense. Pay 3 times the monthly value of the customer to acquire the customer, and then work like crazy to retain them for more than a year. Get that right, and you are printing money. The problem, of course, arises when you don’t have that money to spend, and cannot carry a customer for 3 months with the hope that you will retain them past that point. Given that funding and acquisitons are valued based on grwoth rate, bootstrapped funders are kind of fucked. So we see founders buildinginpublic,

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Customer Acquisition Costs are out of control – but we can help

High customer acquisition costs (CACs) are said to be the second biggest reason why start-ups fail (not having product-market fit is the first). So that’s the problem that ofrelevance.com is fixing. Expensive growth The CACs have been skyrocketing over the last couple of years because there is more demand for the attention of a limited target market. There are only so many slots on the above-fold first page of Google. It is not unusual for non-Enterprise SaaS companies to be paying $100-$200 to acquire a customer. The thumbsuck theory is that any CAC that is less than a third of

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Why .pdfs are a GREAT solution to complexity

You might be surprised that the preferred medium for RelevantGuides is a .pdf document. After all, can’t this information be presented on a responsive web page? Wouldn’t that be more convenient, and easier? There are definite advantages to presenting content on a web page, and we are not blind to that. That’s why all the content in the .pdfs is available on our site as web text too. But the focus is on .pdfs. Here is why: .pdfs help to focus A web page is often besieged by ads, pop-ups and SEO-stuffed copy. Even if our web pages are none

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How we find the audience that reads our RelevantGuides

It’s difficult to project numbers and set goals for a product that has not yet launched. In fact, any goals set without real data are just arbitrary. I can make a solid case for why I think a RelevantGuide will get downloaded 10,000 times in a year, or 20,000 or 30,000. But the honest truth is, I just don’t know, even though my experience with publishing .pdfs leaves me very confident. We are throwing a lot of darts Since we are in our earliest launch phase (technically, as I write this we haven’t launched yet), the first 2-3 weeks are

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Finally…if you build it, they will come

At ofrelevance.com we believe SaaS companies should acquire users based on their the ability to fix a pain point, and not by how much money the SaaS threw at marketing.

Which is why, with ofrelevance.com, every SaaS pays just one flat, annual fee to be put in front of unlimited users who have the pain point the SaaS is solving.

Once the SaaS is in our ecosystem, it’s a level playing field, no matter how much VC funding a SaaS has. You can’t buy your way to a better position, or to more leads.

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